Monday, March 14, 2011


Have you ever heard of the callus eating fish? Or the Doctor fish? These are Garra Rufa fish, otherwise known as Doctor Fish, Nibble Fish and Little Dermatologists, it is a tiny fish used widely in feet therapy in China and South East Asia to remove dead skin and help with skin complaints.

In my non blog days, I used to spend my days in school to finish all requirements and render my OJT. Of course working every night is included.

In school there were this students who designed all kiosk. In curiosity we approach this students. I got more curious in the kiosk theraFISH. I found out that this is all where you can experience the Doctor Fish.


You can experience it for Php 2.00 / minute. That makes Php20.00 for 10 minutes.

I found out that the kids need to put up a small business for product planning development subject. They are marketing students so no wonder they do these.

The kids said they bought the Garra Rufa Fish somewhere in Cubao for Php150 each fish. Woah. The fish is very small, mas malaki pa nga pinky finger ko eh.

There are about 20 fish in a basin. And they really nibble my feet! OMG!

I seriously thought they are just eating my nail polish but they are roaming around my feet which really makes me tickle.

We can only stay for 15 minutes because we have to get out pink cards. After the nibbling fish you will get an instant feet massage with lotion!

With classmates!

For 2nd year students like them, it's actually a great idea that they came up with this. I just hope they offer it in a higher price so they can have at least their capitals back!

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