Friday, May 20, 2011


I never blogged about my graduation, because whenever I feel starting it scared the hell out of me. Expectation and criticism is always on the way, it’s inevitable. But recently something came up my mind and decided to blog about it. I’m proud of it, hell I’m fucking proud of it. It’s 4 years of cramming, sleepless nights, loud students, cutting classes, profanity, lame professors and excellent professors. No words can express how overwhelm I am to finally graduate. I'm now a bachelor holder but what comes after matters most. Now I spilled it out, what really scares me. I used to be an optimistic bitch, but I don’t what makes this thought wags my tail. Enough of being emotional. Now let the pictures do the talking.

World's greatest Mama and Daddy <3
Daddy <3
Mama <3
Graduating students
Lining up
A walk to remember drama
Girlfriends, classmates, friends, i love them to bits! Warning: These were copied pictures from Facebook so they're a bit pixelated. hehe
Going home. Daddy driving, my best friend, enemy, driver and photographer! I'm such a daddy's little girl.

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