Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I pulled out all my unused clothes because i am guilty for buying a lot of things. One of the pretty things I was able to pulled out is my 5 year old boho skirt or bohemian inspiresd skirt, I don't know which one. Long skirts are going back now in the scene, as we all know it came from 70's fashion, especially those pleated ones. I have one of those but I don't where I put it.

Me putting my favorite lipstick. Maaraw e. Thank you Boysen for showing up on my back.
Oh you don't know how much I love sun. :)

Doing a little stunts!
Plain White T-shirt from Folded and Hung, Vest from Topshop, Bohemian Skirt Thrifted, Bag Thrifted, Connector and Bowtie Rings from Rings and Things, Shoes from Five by Five
I'm happy, hindi lang halata :)
Bohemian Skirt will also looks great in your favorite tank top, so search your closet for unused tops, skirts and anything possible. For crop tops, you can just DIY it. Grab an old loose shirt and cut it on how short you want it to be. Here's how you can rock with Boho skirt/Bohemian Skirt with a little color blocking.


  1. Thank you for following! Love those wedges! Followed you back! :)

  2. what great photos! you seriously need more followers, you're outfits are amazing. Those wedges are adorable and that vest is so cute!



  3. @Chauncey! Thank you! You have great photos too! :) I just recently imported my blog here in Blog spot, I'm in WordPress before. So i'm crossing my fingers to more followers :)


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