Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Gig

After resigning and spending vacation, I started my wedding project. It was my friend’s wedding, from scratch to the big day I’m the bridesmaid slash coordinator. They’ve been in a Jurassic relationship, 8 years; I can’t imagine myself for that long. Not now though. I really adore the couple because they had a roller coaster ride before ending up with each other, family disagreement, and critics. Back to wedding preparation (before I spill all the drama)

The motif is raspberry eggplant
With the invitation, they wanted something unique. But theme is really money. Haha! So this is what I did.
This actually just the envelope. Because if we will use another raspberry eggplant the dollar thing will not show up. Since this is an American Express travelers check, i thought of making the invitation look like a real check
The gown was beautiful!
The couple wanted again a unique souvenir

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