Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crochet and Liquids

I was finally able to wore my biggest sweater ever because the laziness in me won. At first I thought I will look awful on this sweats but it turned out to be good though(for me, hehe). I really adore the flower crochet details!
Korea Crochet sweater, Random Store Cross Necklace, Mia Casa Rings, BackoftheRack Liquid Leggings, FivebyFive Wedges
I adore my new set of rings from Mia Casa
Sorry for my sweat. We were laughing when we shoot this :)
These wedges are to die for, literally. Haha. 
Liquid leggings is not my thing (but I do wear leggings), because I thought they were inappropriate to wear on work, but I was wrong. They're the cutest! :)

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