Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Aztec a day, makes worries away

Wearing something decent this season is really exciting, only if it weren't raining almost everyday. Yes we can take advantage sporting layers, talk about blazer, knitted sweater, and jackets which all I love! But at the end of the day, we'll all be ruined because of hassle it brought.

As for me, I really intend to wear something above the knee when it's raining cats and dogs. I'd rather let my legs wet than what I'm wearing, I know it's gross, my legs are suffocating with the feeling of wet pants or anything alike. These reasons are also behind my laziness to dress up. Anyhow, on to my outfit!
Forever 21 Top, Thrifted Skirt, Asianvogue Heels, Topshop Belt, Steve Madden watch, From Korea Necklace, Broadway Gems and Mia Casa Ring

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I know my introduction is way too far with the title of this post but its a prerequisite. Hehe. If you're too lazy like me to dress up when its raining hard wear one item that your whole outfit will stand out. I, for example, decided to wore an aztec print skirt I got from a a thrift sore and just threw in other simple clothing items, voila! Plus a leopard belt will really help! I think tribal/aztec prints are must haves! Do you already have one? :)


  1. I love the whole outfit. And true, I also am lazy to dress up these days because of the weather. Layering, as tempting as it seems, will make my head spin later on with too much laundry! LOL!

  2. I love your outfit. =) The skirt is an outstanding piece! =)

  3. I love your skirt!I cant believe its thrifted!
    FOllowing you.:)

  4. @phat: thank you. :) same dilemma! :D

  5. @Mestizay: Thank you! :) Can't believe it too! :P

  6. love them all!
    i have a crush talaga sa shoes! wishlist ko talaga yan *.*


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