Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last Saturday, my friends dragged me to have some drinks with them. I was really not in the mood because I just came from an all day walking in divisoria and some malls! But because I just really cannot say NO to them, i had no choice but just to fix myself and wore something decent.

My boys for the night :)
We decided to go our friend's bar (not really his though, he works there), Bawod. BAWOD is a word from CEBUANOS which means WAVE.
Right in the entrance I was seduced by loud good music. I ditch resto bar with live bands, it's not that I don't want bands, but when I'm with my friends and just want to have a good time I'd rather choose awesome dj's. Here's a summary of my night!
Glad I didn't pass on this! Good crowd and music. The bar wasn't that big but enough for the people dancing that night. :) I love their sisig! Bet! Will definitely come back here with some of my girlfiends. They will surely love it.

If you want to visit Bawod, they are in San Miguel by the bay, MOA. :) For updates you may add them in Facebook here!

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