Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I remember blogging last May that I always drool over a pair of Doc Martens boots. Their store only stayed here in the Philippines for a very short time way back when I was more or less a teenager, when all the shoes that I want is all those fancy pink flats with ribbon and sequins or a pair of boat shoes from sketchers. Back then, the only Dr Martens that I possess is an over-sized shirt which I normally use when I wore a mini skirt (somehow boyish peg).

Only I realized that I would be wanting them someday. It was I think 15/16 and up to now that I used to own then outgrown different kind/brand/style of combat boots that would satisfy my fancy over Doc Martens.

Back to not so reality (because it happened already!) they finally open a comeback store here in the Philippines. How epic is that? Sadly, I wasn't able to attend because I didn't get the chance to register right away. 
I was so ecstatic because of this, it's on my Christmas wishlist and i'm now saving like a happy kid for my hopefully #FirstandForever Docs and pair it with with a nice dress, oh Docs come to momma! I hope I can drop by in their store and took a lot of pictures and share it with you guys!

If you too haven't visit their store, they are in a fabricated container van at the Fort Strip Plaza, Bonifacio Global City next to Caffe Puccini!

Follow them on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/DrMartensPH) and Twitter (@DrMartensPH) for updates because I heard the docs are selling like hotcakes!

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