Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm walking on sunshine

After posting rants about how hard it is to actually dress up in rainy days, say hello to the sun, hence the title. I know this is too early for summer outfit! But I want to seize the moment with the sun! :) This whole outfit is all matchy matchy when it comes to color. Read on!

I built my outfit around this cute bag I got from divisoria, yes you heard it right(or should I say read?). I scored this pretty bag for a fraction compared to those you can find online. The stitching is pretty neat and it doesn't look cheap at all! Though, I can't quite figure the color. It looks like orange/pink/pinkish orange/hot pink/bubble gum pink, whatever you may think it is! Hehe. I like that it shout classic and sassy at the same time. The gold chains and those tassel, its pretty!
Folded and Hung Polo Shirt, Landmark Skirt, Divisoria Bag, Cole Vintage Oxfords, SM Dept. Store/Dickies Socks, Steve Madden Watch, The Ramp Bangles, Icah Online Shop Ring

Hype this on Lookbook and Chictopia. Pretty please? :)

Decided to wore a skirt I got from Landmark 2 weeks ago to complement the color of my bag, and grabbed my basic polo shirt from Folded and Hung. I have 5 colors of these and I don’t plan on putting a halt on my growing collection cause these are such amazing shirts! You can pair it with everything! For a more formal outfit, pair this shirt with slacks, blazer and few accessories, you're good to go! For a casual outfit, pair it with a skirt/denim shorts/pants you're way to go! :)
To match my preppy outfit, I looked for that perfect bubblegum colored socks that I got SM Dept. Store (tag says it's Dickies) and wore my abused oxfords from Cole Vintage, in case you don't know these are the perfect oxfords for everybody. Do I look like a school girl here? :) Still kid at heart! :)

Summer outfit for Holidays! I love Christmas but I love summer too! So, I'll leave you with these song and I'm praying that our kababayan's in CDO can find sunshine again very soon!


  1. I soo love the outfit. I think that color is salmon..m not so sure though. One thing I know it screams 'BAM!'.. Instantly grabbing ones attention. I how perfectly put the whole ensemble is. I also want oxfords but m not so sure I look good in them, with my big calves and my fatty ankles. hehe! Merry Christmas, Jhen.

  2. @Phat: I think you can go for oxfords with heels!:) Wear some socks too to even the ankles. And I know you could pull it off! Try it! =)


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