Friday, December 30, 2011

Part of the Wishlist granted!

Don't you just love the feeling when you got home tired from work and you are welcomed by these! =)
Red Satchel from Impulse Co. Remember my wishlist here? Good thing it's 11"! Perfect size for a small girl like me. I remember asking reesh, how can she differentiate 11" to 13" since I didn't own any satchel before(I do have satchel but it's Alexa Satchel or those lovely clumsy satchel I got from Paris Dreams) 11" is for party girl and 13" is for school girl. Click! I ain't school girl so I have to get the party girl bag! Haha!
Sturdy? Check! Red? Check! Affordable? Check! Plus I got a D4B keychain, yey!
Next up, a gift from Joana!
The Little Things She Need flats!
It's not foldable but it's comfortable, what I really want for flats. Again it's a plus because it's red! :) It's my first time though to have a velvet/suede pair of shoes, so it's been a headache for days now on how to clean them without destroying the texture! Must find how soon! :)
Crossed out 1 and 7. :)

You must have noticed too that I crossed out already number 6. If you remember, the reason why I want GC for christmas is to buy SM Accessories, but since I got a lot of accessories from Ai Fash (that I have yet to blog) I think it's already enough. :) I'm still open for GC presents though! Hah! Were you able to cross out some items on your wishlist too? Share them! =)


  1. Oh that bag is adorable! I'm pretty sure you can find the boots in Forever 21, just look for a similar style and ask if they have in black ;)

  2. wow awesome presents.. i love the satchel and the fact that its candy color. cute,.

  3. Love the bag!! go to payless for awesome boots. They have lots of styles there.




  4. @dana: I actually saw that same boots last year but I'm broke so I didn't buy it, came back after a week to no avail. agh! :(
    @Carla: thank you, yes i love the color too :)
    @Vintage process, aw thank you! :)
    @prettylittlepetite: Payless always doesn't have my size, poor size 5 me :p


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