Tuesday, December 13, 2011

South Seeing

Last Saturday, after taking out some foods in Soderno. We decided to eat at Wooden Horse Steakhouse in Molito, Alabang. I love dining out with my family because it's a simple get together. A good food should always be a factor to us, because we will all end up blaming each other if we dine somewhere we totally regret at the end, but that don't happen usually. We usually ate around Alabang because of nice restaurants, environments and people, there's so much to love in the south! I am no food blogger. I just love to take pictures of what we ate!

Cowboy peg
Soft and warm house bread
Buffalo wings for appetizer
Mixed Grill for me! Food overload, yay!
My mom's
My cousin's
Overall, the foods are 10! :) Affordable price, especially for their angus, and baby back ribs! Plus they served us free ice cream. :) Nice staff! Will definitely come back for more!

You have to pay them a visit! They're at Molito, Alabang. Right across ATC. Near Puregold!

Happy me!


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