Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lights off

Here's what I wore to Like a Boss, Party and Fashion Show last Saturday held at Liquid Lounge Pool, Manila Ocean Park.
F21 Sheer top, Divisoria Pants, Impluse Co Satchel, ParisDreams Wedges

So yeah, it's totally different if there's not enough light for your outfit shot, but for this I think it went well. I could have shown you guys how cool is the color of my harem pants though, there's pink, blue, yellow, green and more!

I kept it simple since I'll be commuting and men it's good thing because Manila Ocean Park is not really accessible for me who is living halfway south and halfway north! I'm not complaining though, I had fun that night together with my new blogger friends! :) I decided to wore pants since my top is already bare back (no pictures, boo) and I don't want to be hoochie that night. Also, my new wedges are soo comfy, feels like I'm not wearing heels at all! :)

Will be posting separate posts what happen that night. Meanwhile, join my AsianVogue Giveaway its ending in a week! =)


  1. oh my!! i love your wedge! :)

  2. I like those pants..Will definitely have an adventure in Divi next week. Do you think they come in plus sizes?

  3. i love your pants!! :)

  4. Love your pants and your wedges! :)

  5. @Phat Pinay, I love divi! :) Adventure lang :p Yes they have it in plus size :) I can't remember though the exact place where I bought this :(

    @Mestizay, @Claudine, @Vina Thank you :) Thank you <3


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