Saturday, January 28, 2012

Secret Garden

If it's not too obvious, I love florals.
Sorry about my piercing eyes, my eyes cannot take too much sun, it hurts my head.
Thrifted Floral Buttondown, Forever 21 Bandage skirt, Parisdreams Wedges, Impulse Co. Satchel, The Bling Project Peacock Ring

My closet is like a secret garden full of flowers. I seriously thought that florals are the best way to keep you look sweet and classy.

For this look, I opted to wore a skirt to keep it sexy a little bit since my top is already girly. I keep my accessories minimal, I think it'll be less visible because my top says HELLO! The color of my buttondown is super bright, swear!

Happy weekend everyone! I'm still sleepy. Haha

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  1. I love florals too! :)
    I love your bag. :)

  2. I have the exact same satchel from Impulse! :) Love this outfit!

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  3. Can't believe that beautiful top is only THRIFTED! hihi, this outfit shouts SUMMER! :)

  4. cute top and bag!:)

  5. Cute bag. I love the pop of red. :)



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