Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take TWO

Second installment of Tangerine Tango. Hah.
Landmark Sweater, Thrifted Dress worn as skirt, Cole Vintage Oxfords, Ai Fash Accessories

My obsession for Tangerine Tango is getting out of hand, please bear with me.

As for my second take of this color, I decided to wore my cute orange dress as a skirt and top it with a sweater since it's very obvious in the photos that the rain had just stop and I took advantage that moment to take my outfit shot. I wore this dress for like 3 times already but in different ways so you can't even tell I'm wearing the same clothing for a month now. Mix and match ya know. Hehe

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  1. Woww, amazing look. Love the skirt!

  2. I thought it was a skirt; you have an eye for mix and match and love your fashion sense. Great blog! Cheers to your new follower:)


  3. At first I thought you were wearing a skirt :p lol
    nice outfit and i love your shoes <3

  4. @MR J: Thank you, it's not a skirt though, it's a dress :)
    @Queenie: Aw thank you dear :)
    @madjewelled: thank you :)
    @Ribka: Thank you and I love it too :p

  5. Gahhhh! Girl i loveeee this outfit. The orange and white are sooo pertty together and that necklace is to die for!!! Not to mention the shoes ;) YOu look great and I love the backdrop!

  6. @Ash Louise Thank you for everything you said! Hehe =)


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