Thursday, March 1, 2012

Panagbenga 2012: Grand Street Parade

I still have hangover with our Baguio trip! :) I miss everything! Went there for this year's Panagbenga Festival and here's a photodiary of the Street Parade happened last Saturday(Feb 25).

We're a bit late according to our itinerary. Hee. Supposedly we will arrive in baguio around 6am, but the traffic in tarlac is horrible to think it's already 3 or 4 am. Arrived at baguio around 8, we didn't waste a moment went straight to lower session (if there is such! Haha) and pick a spot.
We bought our trusty kiddie mat, it's useful! We ate while waiting for the parade to start.
To start off!
It was colorful, vibrant, lively and beautiful! Definitely one for the books! The costumes, the bands, and the igorots hehe, I love them! It was my first panagbenga festival by the way, so imagine my excitement, I'm super giddy until now. Okay, i'm OA. Haha. Have you been to this year's flower festival? Share your stories! :)


  1. Great set of photos. I miss staying there in baguio. :)

  2. I miss baguio! I haven't experienced panagbenga festival! Love the photos! :)

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  3. great photos. makes me want to go on a road trip right.this.instant.

  4. You made me homesick. I spent two years of my life here! X


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