Sunday, January 30, 2011


As a continuation of one of my greatest weekend, after being drunk I decided to go to Glorietta. Of course my main goal is to buy my love of my life
Haha. I just can't get enough of them

Well of course it's payday so decided to shop something for me. Thought it's going to be easy but not. It's happy payday so I wanted to buy more, but I shouldn't.
Went to various stores, but I found nothing. Hayy
Went to The Ramp Crossings and heaven :)
I found my 2 new little babies
This was actually the last pair of my size but I didn't hesitate to buy them!
And wore them for my usual days
Off to Seminar
Off to visit My Best friend (Another entry)
Yay, I'm so in love with them <3

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