Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feel the Love Generation

I had a very hard time deciding which event i would attend
They both look delicious. Haha Except that i know Bob since i knew House, with Trance never been a fan of it but it still made me dance, whatever music actually. And to the fact that i don't know Dj Markov, sorry to his fans. So i end up going to Bob Sinclair, courtesy of Paulo <3
I've struggled actually just to attend, because all of my girlfriends have their own plans! I'm with nobody, i felt like I don't have friends. But I did go with my friends though!
And i'm happy I chose the one I really like and enjoyed the night!

I'm happy Marj is there too!
Passes =)
DJ Benjo Marquez
Fan pic! =D
I shouldn't hold a can of beer or any kind of alcohol daw because I look like a minor haha
Tim Yap. Yay
These man really enjoyed it
Rajo *2handsdown*
Having fun
Went home past 3 with smile on my face :)

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