Saturday, April 30, 2011

Color your Lips

I have about 5 tubes of almost the same shade lipsticks, and I carry all of them most of the time. Because I don't know where my feet brings me, at least I'm ready with just a lipstick.
I told you they are almost the same. Haha
I love how I score this Loreal Pink Nude Lipstick at a very low cost. It's very moisturizing and it never crack my lips. It's a pinch of pink and glitters, this is good for neutral outfit at night.
When I was in my days of pink hunting, I started with this Nichido Pink Champagne, I tried it on my hands and I can say that it's a nice touch of pink. However, when I tried it on, it's a magic lipstick that sometimes turn out to be orange-y. If you would apply a very little amount it's like a matte pink lip balm.
My dearest red lipstick! I fell in love with how red this lipstick is. Never dries, never chap my lips and never worn out even you stay outside for a day! Highly recommended!
Originally, this was my favorite pink lipstick, it's very chic and good under the sun. But after several uses it always crack my lips. I still wear this at times though.
Sophie Martin Pink Blush Lipstick, my everyday use. It's obvious naman db? It's almost half already. This tyoe of pink usually can be seen at night, but I love how it camouflage with the weather, because if it's very sunny, it's like a baby pink. You'd be shock how much sophie martin sells and makes you wanna go buy one of their lipstick. The only downside is, it's not long lasting, I think it could only stand half a day. Hehe. Still very nice!
You'd probably wonder why I don't have Mac Lipsticks, because it never matches my lips! I also carry 2 tubes of Lip Balm with me everyday because my lips are always chapped or cracked. Effect of being jailed in an air-conditioned office for about 24 hrs! Well, I'm still trying my luck with Mac Lipsticks, in fact I ordered one with Iea of Paris Dreams.

When i line them up it looks same shades!

How about you? What Lipstick do you wear? And how effin' good is it?

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