Friday, April 29, 2011

What's in my bag

Now that I am officially out of school, there are a lot of changes of what’s inside my bag. I don’t carry books, fillers and extra shirt anymore.
But I see, there are still lot of things inside my bag.
My planner, coin purse from ArtWork, McJim wallet, withdrawal receipt, rejuvenating cream from a saleslady,  bus tickets, BrowHaus calling card.
Alexa Satchel Bag from Paris Dreams, very chic! PocketBac Sanitizer
Thumb drive, Nokia N97, charger and headset, E.G.G pouch, Stylus
I still carry my school ID, along with my company ID, hair clips, cocktail rings, and a bracelet rosary
My goodies. Ever Bilena Advance Face Concealer and Eye Concealer, Eyelash curler, Clear Mascara, EB blusher, Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm, Avon moisturizing Lip Balm, Mac Mineralized Foundation, Pop Shop Princess Pink, Nichido Pink Champagne, EB 703, Loreal Pink Nude, and Sophie Pink Blush. Scent and Station HUGO XX for women. Believe it or not, I carry around 5 tubes, if ever I need one at least I'm ready.
Rio Mints, Nail cutter, Medicine Kit, Bobbie Nail Polish, Vicks because i'm sipunin, Mouthwash, Colorful Bandages I bought from Japan Home Center, Myra E lotion, Contact lens case, and my Eye glasses!
I am happy my bag is more mature now. Not messy because of scrap papers and torn fillers. But I miss schooling na. :(


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