Friday, April 29, 2011

Holy Week X Marinduque

April is my birthday month, and funny it is, my birthday falls under Good Friday this year. :) Normally, it falls Sunday or Thursday but never Friday. Come on, how can I celebrate if God is dead? (Or'd so we thought)

I had to be prepared, so I'm thinking to go on a recollection, retreat, or on a distant adoption house, just to be away in any kind of celebration. But I thought that would be very stupid, because i'm not very good with being alone in a remote place. I figured I had to go away anywhere with my Family. So we went to Marinduque! :) I had so much fun there with my friends and family while solemnly observing Holy week. Marinduque is famous for it's Moriones Festival every holy week, Morions are those who excruciate God.
I used to be very scared with Morions when I was like 8 years old, and that was my last trip to Marinduque for Holy Week Vacation. Hey they are really scary even now! Few Masks are good looking but most of them are very frightening!

We had to maximize our trip so we went to different places there. On the First day we went to, Tres Reyes Island, in tagalog we called it Pulo. It’s a 20 minute motorboat ride from our home there. It’s a nice coral beach, with very clear sea water.

My tito's, tita's and cousins on a separate boat plus mamang bangkero.
Approaching. I refused to edit these pictures because I might damage the beauty it brings out. :)
I love how it is very calm here, it's not crowded like other beaches. You can totally unwind here!
Boater hat from Surplus Shop, Shades from Anagon, Swimsuit from Mura Dito(Market, Market), Sheer Sando from Forever 21, Shorts from Market, Market, Flip Flops from Havaianas, and Bag from a local store in Marinduque. Oh I just love summer :)

Me playing!
I saw a bunch of kids playing on a mini pool of sea. Haha. And found a BIG shell!
Rocks formation are all over the place too!
I told you its all about corals
Seriously, you have to visit Marinduque!

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