Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bum Bum

I'm such a lazzy blogger but good thing (or not) I don't have anything to share because I'm just enjoying last week of being a night crawler, lol. I'm online everyday just doing my sidelines but I'm not in the mood to posts anything here. Sorry! All I do is online shopping and online window shopping. Haha. Looking for great finds at affordable prices.

Top of my mind:

  • So excited, I'll be seing Sassa Jimenez's collection this coming saturday at Philippine Fashion Week. I'm still deciding what to wear. OMG!
  • Feeling high with Asianvogue's JC Foxy! :)
  • Sort of happy leaving graveyard shifts.
  • Pleading for VIP "Winter Sartorial Wonderland" of Candie's. Haha
  • More summer outings, swimmings etc
  • BDJ: I Dream, Therefore I can!
  • Blogger's United: Interactive Shopping Affair,s adly I can't go because I'll be leaving Manila after BDJ's event :(
  • DL GG's recent episodes :)
With this, I will leave you the current song on my iPod.

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