Saturday, May 14, 2011

Big Girl

I went to a seminar/practice a last thursday at church because I’ll be attending my confirmation today. I’m finally a big girl and ready to get married. Lol. Not yet, I’m waiting for JB! Haha

I’m pissed with how arrogant the catechist who will handle our confirmation. Ugh, sorry lord your servant eh! She can’t just shout on those kids. She’s conservative, so I figured I had to do something to piss her off too. Square fair lady majin boo!

What I wore:
Hat from Trinkets Royale Manila, Dress thrifted, Mango Sling bag, Forever 21 bracelets, YRYS & Anagon Rings, Asianvogue Platforms.
I really love sun, mind you :)
Kisses for all! :*
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