Sunday, May 1, 2011

Classic to Modern

I always visit Doc Martens website because I literally drool over their shoes. I would really want a pair but the shipping is enormously high.

If my memory serves me right, when I was like 10 years old or younger there used to be Doc Martens in Glorietta, oh I think it’s in Park Square! Please umoo kayo. I always visit their store when my mom and I go there because I love big shirts those days as my ultimate sweater. Then I think I just grew tired as my sense of fashion change. Syempre nagdadalaga na ko nun. The shoes that time are for the boys only, though I can say that it is really tough shoe for men’s. For a year now I’m dead by their floral collection. Aren't they yummy? Yay!

The pairs that I'm really eyeing for are:

Black Victorian Flowers
My favorite is the Black Victorian Flowers 8-Eye Boot, favorite in my dreams! My goal this year is to purchase at least one pair. I have two options, order it directly to Dr. Martens AirWair and ship it through Johnny Air and pay the almost half-of-the-price-of-the-shoe-shipping but it's 100% safe and sound. Other option is through my classmate who's currently in Korea for summer vacation, i just wish that Doc Martens Kr has stocks for Black Victorian Flowers, but she's not replying in my emails :( huhu.

Doc Martens has truly evolve and does not limit itself with their famous design years ago. In fact they have this Diva Collection which can capture the heart of stylish women out there!

Can you imagine they have pretty clogs?

Wedges and loafers are chic too!

Will update you if I was able to purchase it this year! And tell me if you're anywhere near Japan, Singapore, or Hongkong. I will pay you, promise! :)

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