Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy to Move

When I decided to move my blog from WordPress to Blogger, it was a quick decision. I've search for the most possible way, the easiest, to move my blog. While searching, I've read a lot of reviews that moving from WordPress to Blogger don't usually happens because it's the other way around, moving from Blogger to WordPress. That doesn't stop me though, I am so inspired by my favorite bloggers that makes me want to get closer to them. Haha, drama? I also consider moving my blog to tumblr, but rather not because that only serves as my photo dump. Back to moving from WP to Blogger, if you're a little bit curious, because few people always ask me how to. You just have to be familiar how to master Daddy Google. Chos!

This is the app I used. If you want to know message me. Hehe :) But remind you guys it can only allow 1mb of xml file. So you better transfer now If yours is still small, because in my case I had to delete my unposted drafts, kaya nga drafts e, unposted! lol. Which is very sad for me :(

I've finally reach 1,550 views in my wordpress blog, which I found amusing since I landed on a real blog platform. I started blogging in friendster's blog feature, which is not a real platform. I am overwhelmed to here because I get to meet new friends :) 

I'm a happy camper here in Blogger, because it has endless possibilities of java scripts and html unlike in wordpress. I can't even put my ads there not unless you have a premium account which cost you a domain for about Php1000. No way! I'm not yet ready. I'm still happy to enjoy the freebies of the world.

On another side: I'm happy that I will have a future tie up with Code-Limited, good vibes please! :) Check their site for amazing finds! :)

I will be sharing some of my favorites on a different post :) XO

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