Friday, June 3, 2011

BDJ Rendezvous: I dream, therefore I can

I'm back from long hiatus and now there's a lot of work to do. Last May 21 before I left for vacation, I went to BDJ monthly rendezvous.
As usual, it was a time of learning, freebies, and mostly having new friends. A lovely host, awesome speakers and good staff, it's a wrap then!
Manila's top and premiere belly dancer, Ms. Jill Ngo Crisologo sharing her wide array of experience on how she reach where she is right now.
Make up artist and Hairstylist, Host of F.A.S.H Bianca Valerio, teaching us how to look good and feel good. Even in the picture I can hear her saying, teh, girl, fasyon, chenes and many others! "If you didn't invest in yourself nobody will invest on you."-Bianca Valerio
Ms. Belinda Reyes, taught us the ABCs of Success, and how to climb the corporate ladder! Sorry wasn't able to take a picture of her.
Here are some of the pictures :)
Won a Fly shades
 What I wore
Met new friends! :)
Fellow bogger, Timmy Tuliao
It was a very tiring day for me but truly had a great time! Till next one!


  1. Wow. That's one day filled with fun, fun and fun! I so envy you. Love to be in the Philippines right now.

    Nice blog. Now following you :)

  2. Great photos! You all look fantastic :)

  3. Lovely outfit! I love your Jeffrey Campbell shoes. =)

  4. @MaxiVelasco: Yes. It was really fun! Glad i'm part of Belle De Jour! Thanks for following <3

  5. @The Cheshire Cat: I love it too! :)


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