Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pretty Little Things

I'm a sucker for anything little and cute! That's why I can't get over with these two pretty little things from Clipper! =)

Pet Card Reader, which is very friendly with my MAC and not with my PC, still cute and handy though!

Automatic Toothbrush Holder

I love them to bits! =) Again, thank you Clipper!


  1. Hi, looks like we both got chosen by Pax to be at the Mango event tomorrow :) I'm so excited!!! I don't really know anyone else who's going nor have I ever been to Resorts World, and I'd love to meet a fellow blogger whose in the same shoes as I am (i.e. a winner for an awesome event - chyeah!), so do you wanna meet beforehand somewhere and just hang out and get to know each other before the event? :) Let me know.

  2. aww. that's cute!
    Pinay blogger here, dropping by with ❤


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