Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remembering Amy

I'm not a fan of Amy Winehouse and I'm not blogging this because her death became a trend in a good and bad way. Weeks past already and then suddenly stumbled upon this blog, which wrote something about Amy that totally made my heart cry, literally.

Amy have this very unusual sense of style.

And it's actually cool.

Last year, I think, I was able to watch Amy at E True Hollywood story. You can watch it here, just look for the other 2 parts. I honestly thought, "Ano ba to si Amy, she's quite cool but not what she's doing to her life." Then news popped that Amy is dead. Sad.

Back to what I read that made my heart cry out, Russel brand author of the most insightful but hilarious My booky wook, wrote something For Amy. Please read it here as I want you to be excited and not read it here. Brb, teary-eyed. Kthxbye


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