Sunday, October 23, 2011

BDJ Fair: Take Flight

I've never been a fan of planners, because I'm an unstructured person like that, but ever since I got my first ever unique planner last summer I think I knew I had to change a little bit. So for the record, I was able to utilize my pink planner! :)

I've attended different events held by Belle De Jour but never did I imagined the fair would be awesomest if there is such a word. So when I heard after our last rendesvouz that we can pre-register for the fair I did it right away!

So last Oct 16, when the sun is freaking hot, we're falling in line at Eastwood Mall Open Park!
At the entrance we were given a passport like
that allow us to try these activities!
What caught my attention first was of course, fortune telling! Never tried before so I'm really excited to try it.
My fortune teller(sorry forgot his name)
My cards. You know I was palpitating that time, guess I'm that afraid what's ahead of me.
Heima booth. How cute eh?
I don't drink milks but mom does, so I still grab the freebie! :)
Next up is Etude House. They had spin the wheel game, where I don't have any luck. I got a thank you for playing!
So I just tried their free make over! I'm scared with public make over like this, because my skin is really not in it's healthy state so I better be more careful but since it's etude house I think it's an exception.
Other booths
The Bling Project had this pick a prize game but being the lucky girl that I am, of course I got a Thank you for playing again! So I just convinced or should I say force ate that I'll just buy a ring then she'll allow me to play again! Hehe
Went straight to the segment I was registered in, Lois of
Strolled again after the talk
Played some game
Sat afterwards.
Tried sober club drinks
Listened to Divine's talk (best part!)
Ms Jasmine raffling some prizes :)
Watch Ms. Jill Ngo, Goddess of Bellydancing, Abby Asistio, and Boogie perform
Wrote at BDJ Board
Hunt for some food :)
Then called it a day :)

Random photos after the cut

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