Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goody Loot Bag

Last October 16, I attended the launch of BDJ 2012 Planner which I blogged here, it was all fun and I could brag about it everyday! I've got extra high energy that day, I almost tried all of the activities, and of course, Goody caught my eye. They have a price is right game and even though I'm tired to mention that I really don't have any luck in any games or raffle prizes I still try it just for fun. I'm such a rusty blogger I don't have any pictures of it though! These are the prizes at stake.
Photo grabbed from Goody
So the game is guess the exact/nearest price of the above items. I guessed P 2150 to be safe. 2 days after the fair, Goody announced the winner and boy i won. Hehe. Thursday last week this came to my doorstep!
Eventhough I already saw the items i'm still excited! Look at this Goody pouch. Eeehh
What's inside, first up Goody Hair Brush and comb
Pink Ribbon Headband 
Stayput Ponytailers
Ponytail, Flower
Cute details
Goody Girls Claw Clip Small
I must've been very lucky that day. I'm ready to take these babies out for a spin! Thank you Goody! :)

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  1. Hi, pumunta ka rin pala sa BDJ sa eastwood? ang cute ng nakuha mo :) I got a pair of earings :)


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