Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've been stuffing myself with everything my stomach can take, cleaning/organizing things that can make my mind and hands busy, and going to places that can make my feet ache. I do all of this to somehow forget all the sadness my heart is bearing right now. But as I lay my tired body at night, I always cry at thought of it. My 5 month old puppy, died last Friday because of intestinal blockage. This is the reason for my inactivity despite of pending posts.

I know this is not even related with whatever I'm posting here for awhile now, but spare me this moment please. If you're a follower of my tumblr, you know how I always post photos of my pretty dogs there. 5 months ago, my 3 year old dog gave birth to 5 unexpected puppies.
I myself help her with these. Imagine the gross blood and an actual labor. But who could resist these cuties? After 3 months of headache because of their kakulitan. We gave them to our family friends. I cried a bucket back then. One dog was left with us though, the one in the right. 

Imagine your dog, hopping on your bed in the morning, jumping on your legs when you came home, scratching your door when you're in the bathroom, consistently annoy you with barks, and goes into your lap when he felt sleepy. It happen so quick, we didn't even get him to the vet. I know he wanted to live, he's looking at me teary eyed and pleading, but it was too late.

I love you baby. :'( I know you're in a better place.

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