Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gills on my shoes

There's nothing fancy about this outfit, but finally I was able to find time and have someone took my photos! Actually before that, I just want to thank you guys for the overwhelming response to my giveaway. I could never thank you all enough! Please spread the love and  then I might give a little surprise! :) Before I could say anything else, here's what I wore today. 

Ukay-ukay Blazer, Becky Vintage x Simone's Fashion Closet floral top, Bayo Skirt, Paris Dreams Satchel, Mendrez Heels.

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Pretty please? :)

Say hello to my eye bags! Haven't had a decent sleep in the past few days because of all the stress I have with work. Lately I've been trying to dress up as much as I could to somehow relieve the stress that I have, unfortunately either I don't have someone to take photos of me or I don't have my camera with me.

Onto my outfit, since our weather is very unpredictable I grab my metallic blazer/jacket that I got from ukay-ukay to protect me from drizzles outside and at the same time wore a sheer floral top from Becky Vintage c/o Denise so when the heat is up I could just easily remove my blazer.
Oh I just love the little details of this blazer/jacket! The ruffles, the color and the fit is all cute so when i saw it at ukay-ukay I immediately paid for it. This floral top that I got from Becky Vintage x Simone's Fashion Closet is my current favorite, it could never go wrong with any outfit, and you can wear it with skirt, shorts, or pants, just accessorize, you're good to go.
Paris Dreams Satchel
Mendrez Gill inspired heels. I instantly fell in love with these heels when I saw it last summer, the twists says OOMPH!
Photos by Joana

Me, reminding you to join my giveaway.


  1. nice bag and shoes :)

  2. Hi Jenine. thanks for dropping by at my blog. Loving your whole outfit especially your satchel. :D. I've followed you dear. It would be a pleasure if you could follow me as well.:D

    <3 Maria

  3. i love your top! overall its so pretty girly!

  4. Ohhmyygodd! Your bag is love! :) Where did you buy it? I want :)

  5. love your shoes


  6. hihi we have the same music player this song

  7. nice bag <3
    so adorable :)
    anyway , nice blog dear :)


  8. Hi!I thought your blog deserves recognition and so I nominated you to The Liebster Blog Award. Check it here:

  9. hi jhen! thank you for following! =)
    love that bag.. that's my type when it comes to bags! =)


  10. hi dear! thanks for dropping by my blog. I did join your give away :) ket me knwo if recieve mine :) thanks for reminding.


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