Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Flowers

Merry Christmas EVERYONE! :) I know some of you guys are taking a break, and i envy you because of that. I on the other hand, goes back to work. Loser. I'm literally dragging myself to go to work. Extended Christmas please!

Just wanted to share with you what I wore to work last Friday (23rd).
Divisoria Dress, Asiannvogue wedges, SM Dept. Store socks, Mia Casa Necklace, The Bling Project Peacock Ring, Steve Madden watch.

Hype this on Lookbook and Chictopia. <3

Decided to wore right away the dress I scored at divisoria last week. Vintage and chic, I think, oh I love affordable finds! And For the love of socks outfit again, it's an advantage if you'll be jailed in the office with no way you can turn down ze aircon. Also, I've been addicted with this peacock ring that I got last BDJ Fair from The Bling Project, I love that it's just right with my hands and I don't have to wear other rings which makes it all easy.

I hope you are all having fun this Holiday with your Family! =) 


  1. What a lovely dress that is! :)


  2. florals done right! i try to steer away from florals whenever i can but this print is gorgeous, and to think its from divi? even more awesome.

    rocking the look, love! happy holidays!


  3. I have the same ring. Haha! Love the socks. Used to wear them in grade school. Love that they are coming back. with all the lace and everything! Bonngga!

  4. I really love those wedges! Cute look :)

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays! Kisses xxx

  5. @Kaye: Thank you! <3

    @Eden: Aw. Thank you! <3

    @Phat Pinay: I know right! Laces and anything alike are so lovely!

    @Rovie: Same to you dear!

    @Mara: Thank you! <3


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