Friday, January 6, 2012

Not too young

This is what I wore for a day of shopping with my mom before NYE.
SM Dept Store Top, Thrifted Sleeveless top used as dress, Zara booties, Steve Madden watch, Ai Fash Accessories

I built my outfit around this sleeveless top I got from a thrift store, I have 3 of this mind you hehe, spell hoarder. I love the versatility of this sleeveless top because the length is just good for a dress or for plain top. And don't just that pleated bottom skirt style says edgy?

If I want to be edgy I'll just pair it with another black items from my closet like a leather jacket or if I want to be girly girly for a day I'll make sure to put on something like this princess printed top. This is not worth an outfit shot without the help of this top. I know this outfit is too young for me, but how can I resist this cute top from SM Dept Store with princess-like print on it? How about you, do you have one item in your closet that is too young for you? Share it! =)


  1. love your necklace honey..

    love this girly look

    <3 Una

  2. i love your top!! this is such a cute outfit! :D

  3. So chic!!

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  4. I love the necklace! I can't think of anything "too young" in my closet but I bet there's something heeh!

  5. I really like this outfit, and your booties are so cute! I bought the same necklace recently too haha :D

  6. Pleated skirts are some of my favourite and I love the versatility of this one! I don't think the print on the shirt is necessarily too young– it really depends on what one pairs it with and you pull it off well here. (:

  7. I love those connected ring :) love your fashion :)

    i follow you :)

    you can follow me too ^_^

  8. @carla, thanks! Will definitely visit your blog <3

  9. @Aie, hehe :) I'm sure we all have :p

  10. @Rinny, it's also available in the US? Cool! :)

    @eggtartbox, aw you're the sweetest, Thank you dear <3


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