Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm wearing a Sack

Forever 21 Studded Dress, Mango Sweater, TLTSN Suede flats (gifted by Joana), Ai Fash Accessories

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This sweater was love at first sight when I pass by at Mango. The end of season sale of Mango makes me go crazeeyThe sweater reminds me of a burlap sack in a beautiful way. To add more life, I wore it over a dress with studded details on the neckline so there was a call for no-need-a-necklace.

I wanted to be chic but laid back that day so I opted to wore flats, super comfy! Do you ever had that first wear blister that turns to wound because of your new shoes? With this flats I never had one! Whew! Saved my feet for getting another wound. Heh!

This was taken early morning before work so it was all sunny, later afternoon it was all rain. Oh bipolar weather makes me want to wear bipolar outfit everyday. Haha!
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  1. nicely put outfit! =) I love the sweater. =)

  2. Hey..looking great. Oh. I envy the good weather there. It's raining like crazy here in Leyte. I miss the Metro's humidity (just kidding!)

  3. Really cute outfit!
    I love the stud details on your shoes :)

    xx à la mode

  4. Hi Jenine. Nice outfit. I love it. :"> Do you have a lookbook account?

  5. love this cute outfit, the skirt is beautiful

    thanks for visiting my blog ;-)

  6. I love that sweater =) I'm not fashionable in the least but love reading fashion mags & blogs. Baka one day magka-change of heart/ways ang lola, hehe =)
    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Nice outfit! I love the bracelet!

  8. Lovely look, you have so much style! Following.-

  9. I am loving your style! That belt is especially gorgeous!

  10. @Aizel: thank you :)
    @Diane: I don't know if the weather here is really good :p Bipolar weather makes me sick. ;p
    @Shekinah; Yes, I do have :)
    @CottonCandyINK: Thank you, it's not a skirt though, it's a dress :)
    @Kristeta: Go lang! :)
    @Anney, MR J, Theblackshortdress, Jackie, thank you <3


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