Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The typical new year for our family wasn't really bongga as others, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Usually my mom prepares the food, set up sound system for really loud music, of course over flowing drinks and dance until we can no longer remember anything. Hah! Every year my dad and uncle drove all the way to bulacan to buy a lot of firecrackers, when I say a lot, I mean REAL LOT including those prohibited ones. It was our way of welcoming new year and guess I can't just warn my dad for not buying those. Lucky for us, no one has experience injury because of these dangerous firecrackers.  This year though was quieter, less firecrackers, thank God! I hate firecrackers, especially when I feel like I was slapped in the face when it explode. Gah.

Let the pictures take you on how we welcome 2012. This year, I had to take part of the cooking, my dish, beef spinach lasagna :)
Our 13 bilog fruits!
L-R Bibingka latik, Bread, Tikoy, Beef Spinach Lasagna, Banana cake, Ham and Queso de Bola, Ube Halaya, Leche Flan, Pork Asado, Fish, and Bonchon! =) Me and my mom always have something malagkit (sticky) on our table every new year because some says that this will always bring families together/stick together. (cheesy) Fish is also always present para lumalangoy ang swerteHaha
12:00 strikes, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hiding behind the gate, I told you I hate firecrackers.
My cousin so cute!
After greeting/kissing each other (jumping is included)inside our house. We went to our spot (where we always used to block the way, drinks and dancing involved) to continue the fun!
My dad collecting "patak patak" haha

Family picture (my dad goofing) less my kuya, who is busy partying. We were wearing orange (2012's color of the year is Tangerine tango)
That's pretty it! Past 3 o'clock is a blur, haha. We don't even have the grandest fireworks, yummiest food, and expensive drinks at least we have each other. We're friends with our entire neighborhood plus my uncle and aunt are just in the neighborhood too so spending special occasions with them is the grandest already. I hope you all had fun welcoming the new year and you are all safe with firecrackers! :P Here's a virtual hug for all of you! >^.^< Hehe, cheesy.

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  1. my relatives also buy the bawal paputok, this year tho wala din kami masyadong pasabog. happy 2012!

  2. am jealous. i didnt get to spend my NYE with my family :( happy photos, you have ^^

    happy 2012!


  3. @Liezyl Gomez: ahehe :) I think we all grow up and celebrated it safer than usual.

    @being miss east: don't worry you still have the whole 2012 to spend it with them :) Happy new year! :)


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