Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tribal Tango

Say hello to my own take of 2012 color of the Year, Tangerine Tango. I told you in my previous post that I'm ready to hoard items of this color, little did I know I already have some of them. Actually if you'll be able to see my closet before, the colors look like just the same. Brown, Mustard, Grey, and Black so I'm happy I updated it and included some colors.

Here's my first outfit (off to work) for 2012! =)
I love the prints, and seriously the orange really stood out in this dress.
Forever21 Dress, Thrifted knitted cardigan, Impulse Co. Satchel, Market Market Necklace, Topshop belt, The Ramp bangles, Ai Fash Cross Ring, Diva red ring.

Hype this on lookbook and chictopia. New Year naman e! hehe

I love tribal prints, you can easily pair it with anything because you'll be having a lot of colors, choose one color and you can built your outfit from there. Since I don't want to be revealing I just threw in my knitted cardigan, wore it with my overused belt to accentuate the waist and I'm good to go for work.

This dress is my current favorite, I would probably be wearing this every now and then. Poke my back if ever you see me wearing this again. Hehe. Decided to take a spin my satchel from Impulse Co., I've been using this for a week now. Thanks for sending me this reesh :) Expect to see it often. Heh.


  1. me rikey this outfit, babe!:) you look fantastic and your interpretation of tangerine tango is tops. and don't we all agree that f21 does really great tribal pieces? love the dress!


  2. love the tribal print on your dress. :)

  3. THIS DRESS! <3 Tangerine, orange, whatever you call it - I love the color! Thanks for dropping by my blog, btw. :D Happy New Year, too!

  4. Great dress! And tangerine tango is the color of the year :) love it!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  5. the bag paired with that dress is stunning!


  6. this is a beautiful dress love the print

    thanks for visiting my blog, i hope you return soon ;-)

  7. Love the bag and I love how colorful your outfit is. :) Followed you :)

  8. That's such an amazing color on you! I love the aztec/tribal print of that dress too! You picked out a great ensemble!

  9. Wow, it just screams BAM! I love it! I love tribal prints too.

  10. What a lovely outfit.
    and I love that two-fingered ring! x

  11. i love the print on ur dress!

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    maybe we can keep in touch via GFC

  12. @aie, thank you <3

    @eden, I know right, f21 does have it all! =)

    @dred, thank you <3

    @Roanjean, thank you and my pleasure to visit you blog <3, yes so I'm trying my best to interpret it :p

    @JC, CottonCandyINK, Vina thank you dear <3

    @Mar & Phat Pinay I love it too! <3

    @Fhenny & Roos thank you. =)

    @alarillasisters, sure :)

  13. Gorgeous look, I especially love the way how bag matches dress!!! Lovely style! Btw thanks for your comment!;)

  14. @*Glam Chameleon*: Yes indeed :)


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