Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SHOP TO LOVE: Yen's Butingthings ♥

I'd rather stay at home and sit in my blogging chair for my usual rest days, Saturday and Sunday. But of course I have to maintain my social life and go out sometimes so when I don't have plans you can see me for hours in front of the computer. As in for hours, to do online window shopping! Yes! Heh. So imagine my bliss again when I came across to Yen's Butingthings.
This is an online store of fashionable and affordable accessories, based in Bicol (Daet & Naga), and owned by Jamie Lou Borile. Imagine this 18 year old girl engaging herself into entrepreneurship already. :) Amazing. Come and take a look of these items.

From rings
Headbands <3
Hermes and Juicy Bracelets
You can find feathers too.
Plus you'll get a tutorial on how to use/wear her items
How can you resist these items? Cute, dainty and affordable too. Fashionista's in Daet & Naga will never be outdated when it comes to fashion accessories because of Yen's Butingthings. Don't fret she still ship nationwide. :)

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS MS. JENINE! Oh yeah, all caps talaga. Haha. I so love this!! :D


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