Monday, October 28, 2013

Forever Summer

I promised to go back to regular programming 10 months ago. And I'm here now! Teehee
To easily pick up the mood my lovely readers (i hope you are still there, hello!) let me start my welcome back post with my favorite topic, which is summer!

Last April, i celebrated my birthday at Boracay and it was the most memorable birthday-slash-summer ever.
Went with my mom and my bestfriend and I couldn't be any happier. Let me share with you what happened in our 4 days vacation through photos.

First day;
Summer OOTD
(Rage Republic Swimwear, F21 denim cover, Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts)
 Aww.. Breathtaking

Second day;
 Groupies! :)
(On me, Tomato swimwear)

Summer at the 2nd Avenue
Pretty tanned Gelli Victor :)

Boracay doesn't need filter, curves or any editing techniques. Charming it is! Well spent birthday-slash summer on eating, beach bumming, night outs, and eating again! :) Hehee.

Do you guys have any unshared summer stories like me? Spill it out now! :)

Goodnight everyone!

- Jenine

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