Tuesday, October 29, 2013

August BDJ Box

I've been following Belle de Jour since college but when they had this BDJ Box I never had the courage to subscribe because 1. By subscribing very month, I will get different items 2. How am I supposed to use all of that? and 3. It's freaking 500+. But recently, I gave in (low EQ hehe) and bought my first ever BDJ Box.

For this August, they prepared an extra special box for every BDJ girls out there by giving first dibs on Shiseido's newest skin care products.

I personally like the eye cream, since my eye-bags always tends to go my way. Next is the gentle cleanser which after using I can really feel that my face is a lot smoother (not kidding!)

So I'm happy with my first ever BDJ Box knowing that I will not receive make -up very month! Tehee
Kudos BDJ Team! :)

How about you guys? Ever tried BDJ Box for the first time? I would love to hear your thoughts and ofcourse your unboxing! :)

- Jenine

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