Friday, November 1, 2013

Goody #ComePlay2013

Last September 14, Goody organized another #ComePlay event for all Goody girls out there! Happy to join it for the first time, there were games, photobooth, tutorial, freebies and ofcourse a chance to meet other Goody girls. :) Here are some of the photos I was able to take that day;
We got instaxed that day, just the photo, not the instax itself, silly! :) Hehe
Too bad we have to leave a little bit early and missed Kryz, Laureen and Camille's talk because it was my relative's birthday party in cavite, well it's just a small gathering but even small everyone in the family is the required to be there.

Since I don't want to be overdressed for that small gathering, I've decided to go on a comfy, simple yet still proper for Goody #ComePlay event and here's what I came up with;
Please hype this on lookbook here :)

These wedge sneakers has been with me since I was in college and wasn't able to use it that much. Little did I know, sneakers wedge is a trend now so I pull it out from where it was hidden and tada! Hope you liked my simple outfit! If you were also there last Sep 14, I would love to see how was the event when we left. :)

- Jenine

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