Sunday, November 28, 2010

Backlog (Repost from tumblr.)

I owe my tumblr a lot of entries :(

So since its thanksgiving, and thanks to it we don’t have a shift. At least create one entry. :)

I’ve been inspired this day because i saw this shop at “baclaran” which sells old candies. :)

I remembered my favorite BAZOOKA when i was a NURSERY stud :D

Original WHITE RABBIT (You can eat the inside wrapper)


LIPPS when me and my girlfriends at ELEMENTARY DAYS thinking its a lipstick :D

FLINTSTONES candies were awesome :)


CHUPPA CHUPS for highschool students who wanna have fun! :P

GUMMY BEARS are chewy enough for teenage girls :)


For college MINTS, yeah i know its boring. lol

Having them in your memories is like the best memories ever.

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