Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Senior General Assembly

General assembly for graduating students was finally held last February 11, 2011. So what would be the topic then? Of course, about our graduation. Ahh, I felt very overwhelmed that time. The feeling of finally graduating is heaven :) To accept your diploma and toss your hats for college graduation is a bit different. I felt like I never experience graduating before, grade school and high school.

First, the estimated breakdown of expenses was discussed. Settled. Some few reminders from college professors, complete our requirements, do not cram and pass all the remaining subjects! Done.

Then we have some voting to do, whether to hold our commencement exercises inside or outside the school. Of course, outside! We're almost 450 graduating students for 2011 of Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Taguig Campus. And these were the choices.


1,074 Seating Capacity. Approximately Php70,000, so that would be Php150+ each graduating student.


8,000 seating capacity. We can bring our parents, relatives and partners! Yay. Php220,000+, Php500+ for each student

3. NBC TENT :)

My personal choice! Who would not want to graduate here?! Hayy. Seating capacity of 1,400. Can still bring parents! Php240,000, so it's Php550+ / student. It's not that expensive! But it's not the crowd favorite.

4. Tangahalang Pasigueno

Last option is this! Former Pasig Conventional Center. It's where Pilipinas Got Talent held their grand finals. 1,300 seating capacity, around Php20,000 - 30,000 for rental. That's Php50 - 70 / students. What a steal! But rumor said that it's hot here and it's too far!

Guess what place won? Number 4. Ugh! I still want NBC Tent. You will only graduate once, and you've spent 4 years killing yourself with stress, pressure and cramming so why not reward youself in this way? Hayy, my sentiments would not be considered naman over 300 students!

Happy Graduation 2011 Graduates! :)

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