Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am so stressed this Sunday because I just came from a boring Saturday shift at work. I slept about 10:00 am and woke up around 3:00 pm. Then I decided to go to Market, Market! I bought some accessories and shorts. That's it.

I dropped by at Muji, Bonifacio High Street to check some items, random items that I might wanna buy.

Yung pababa na lng ako ang pinost ko para maiba naman.

These cute colorful things caught my attention. I don't know what are these and didn't bother to check what is it. So I think they are not that much cute. Gulo

I was supposed to capture the chair to show it to my mom, then it got blurred. Haha

Some skin care that I'm not interested with. Haha

I want to buy these for my mom but I'll show it to her first. Arte kasi! She really loves kitchenware :)

Then suddenly I saw these storages which remind me of something.

I remember that my drawer at home needs a general cleaning, because the things inside the drawer is a total mess. That leads me to another entry!

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