Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Memories

The past year has been a roller coaster ride for me, full ups of down. This ride has taught me everything I should know and things I should know through the years I will still encounter. I am blessed with life filled with responsibility and challenges. I have shared with you guys, through this blog, what mostly happen in my life in the past year. Through my first party of the year, holy week vacation, graduation, summer vacation, outfit posts, events and the like.

Thank you to my readers, you don't know how excited I am every time I see in my dashboard that I have new comments, because through that you were able to appreciate the reading through my humble blog. 

Thank you to my lifetime supporters, my family, my real life friends, and online friends. Thank you 2011, BRING IT ON 2012!
Summary of my 2011 after the cut (WARNING: Heavy photos)

Let these pictures show you a summary of my 2011

Seeing all through this, I can say I can never have enough of my adventures as a corporate slave / blogger at a young age. I would love to maximize blogging, and experience more opportunities through blogging. Thank you everyone! =)


  1. hi girl! happy new year! love your outfit on picture #23! have a great year ahead!



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